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The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia. Отдых Hotels

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Barskoon gorge

There is a Barskoon gorge in 6 km from Tamga village and 90 km from Karakol city. Its length more than 30 km. along the gorge goes road, which connects Issyk-Kul valley with valleys of Inner and Central Tien-Shan. In the beginning of the gorge its slopes are covered by steppe flora and sparse bushes. Then begins fir tree forests zone. You can see nice mixture of fir trees and different colored bushes of barberry, mountain ash, sea-buckthorn, currant, raspberry, dog rose and honeysuckle. And also you can see wonderful view of Issyk-Kul Lake. At 2800 meters above sea level forest grows thin it is place for juniper forests.

Above forest zone goes alpine meadows zone and bright colors of meadows changes green of trees. There are more 20 lacets of mountain road goes along glaciers to the pass. From this gorge you can observe wonderful view of different tops. They are: peak of Heroes-Panfilovzev (4610 m), peak of World Peace Soviet (4310 m). And very interesting Barskoon waterfalls just the reverse fourth bridge of Barskoon river. There is a sad legend about beautiful waterfall. Female of snow leopard gave birth to three wonderful small snow-leopards. After she had left her children in lair, she went hunting. But when she came back, she saw that her unwise children went out of the lair and hurt on mountainous cliffs. And she started cry, and her tears became a waterfall with three ledges. In the beginning of the gorge there is an ancient fortress (IX-XIVcc).
There are two interesting monuments along the road – a Soviet lorry mounted on a plinth and a bust of Yuri Gagarin, who holidayed on the South shore of Issyk Kul after his historic first manned space flight.







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The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia