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The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia. Отдых Hotels

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Front page » Horse one-day excursion from boarding house «Marco Polo»

Horse one-day excursion from boarding house «Marco Polo»

After a breakfast departure by a jeep in mountains to physic -geographical station it height is 2500 meters above sea level.

Lifting by horses on glacier Kashka Tor. The height is 3300 meters above sea level. Lifting occupies 1 – 2 hours. Picnic, and pedestrian walk. 

Descent to physic -geographical station. On a jeep descent to hot wells of Dzhely-Suu. Bathing, rest.

Return to base in boarding house.

Kumiss therapy

Kumiss (from Turkic) – a sour-milk drink of whitish color from mare’s milk, received as a result of lactic and spirit fermentations by means of Bulgarian and acidophilous lactic sticks and yeast. The first to prepare koumiss were nomadic people of the Kazakh and Mongolian steppes in late Stone Age (5500 years ago). Nomads kept centuries technology of preparation of kumiss in secret. As historian Gerodot informs, Scythians so were afraid of “information leakage” about kumiss that blinded all slaves who was familiar with its manufacture. Kumiss is recognized as useful and restorative remedy. Taste – pleasant, freshening, sweet-sour foamy.

  • Kumiss yeast produces during fermentation antibiotic substances in relation to a tubercular stick.
  • Koumiss normalizes secretory activity of a stomach and other digestive organs.
  • Kumiss therapy appears rather effective at a stomach ulcer and a duodenal gut, in a stage of attenuation of process, and also yields good results at dysentery and belly typhus.
  • Kumiss possesses bactericidal properties, concerning to intestinal stick and other pathogenic microbes.
  • Kumiss therapy has rather salutary an effect on blood: the hemoglobin maintenance raises, and improves leukocytic formula.
  • Kumiss has salutary effect on nervous system.
  • Kumiss rather quickly removes a hangover syndrome.
  • Kumiss a little slows down cancer development.
  • Kumiss use as a treatment: tuberculosis, scurvy, gastritis’s, diseases of a pancreas, an anemia, neurasthenia, cardiovascular diseases and a belly typhus.

Besides illnesses of person koumiss is applied as a treatment of animals – dyspepsia, healing of wounds. In Germany kumiss apply in cosmetics for preparation of dry masks and nutritious creams. 

The structure of mare milk considerably differs from structure of cow milk and other animals. It contains twice less protein, fat and mineral substances, almost in one and a half time there is more lactose, than in the cow milk. Acidity of milk low – nearby 6 Т (pH = 6,6  7,0), density –      1032: 1034 kg/m 3. By quantity and structure of protein, and lactose maintenance mare’s milk comes nearer to the female. It concerns to albuminous milk group – on a share of casein in it 50: 60 % of total quantity of protein. Therefore at curling of mare’s milk it is not form a dense clot, protein drops out in a deposit in form of gentle small flakes. 

Milk possesses high biological value. Its protein and fat are well acquired. Milk fat has low temperature of fusion – 21: 230 С, contains in comparison with fat of cow milk less low-molecular, but more than the sated acids. Quantity of the poly sated fat acids almost in 10 times higher, than in cow milk. Proteins have well balanced amino acid structure.

Mare’s milk considerably surpasses cow milk in the maintenance of ascorbic acid; its quantity can reach 13 mg/m3 and more. However it contains of less riboflavin.

Mare’s milk represents a white liquid with a blue shade a little tart taste. It use for preparation of a valuable dietary and medical product – Kumiss.

About 150 years the West European self-educated doctors and natural physicians for treatment of diseases of a skin, in particular, a neurodermatitis and ringworm, used force of mare’s milk. Today popularity of this product, first of all in Germany, increases. Mare’s milk recommend at diseases of a stomach and an intestines, a liver, diseases of a skin and infringements of work of immune system. Besides, persons who wish to improve the general condition of the organism, pass once a year a dietetic therapy course by mare’s milk on the nature. 

 The technology of reception of milk consists out milking of mares from one to four times a day for the rest of the time / from 2 till 4 hours / they fed the foals. For one milking receive one or two liters. It is necessary to drink kumiss during certain time, it is better in half an hour after a breakfast, not less than 250 ml for reception. The minimum course of treatment makes 30 days. 

Thanks to unique structure and properties mare milk represents itself as quite comprehensible substitute of female milk in feeding of the chest babies inclined to allergic reactions to other products. 

In our boarding house you can receive kumiss therapy. 

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The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia