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The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia. Отдых Hotels

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The mountain-skiing base «Karakol»

The mountain-skiing base «Karakol» is in 7 km. from Karakol (Issyk-Kul area) on slopes of mountains Tien-Shan. The base is located in the picturesque place, surrounded with coniferous wood. The mountain-skiing base “Karakol” is at height of 2300 meters above sea level that promotes the early beginning of a season and late end. In territory of complex are available: hotel, cottages “Chalet”, restaurant, 5 lifts, billiards, a sauna, a conference hall, a helicopter platform. 

In winter time – hire of mountain-skiing equipment and snowmobiles. The region climate is soft, is caused by influence of nonfreezing Issyk-Kul lake. Winter is warm with a soft frost. Average winter temperature is – 5С. The ski season lasts since November till May. The snow cover reaches a thickness 1, 5 – 2 m.

Over 20 km of lines are capable to satisfy both the skilled skier, and the person submitting hillsides for the first time. Here expanse both for fans and for those who prefers to go for a skiing on well-groomed lines. The skiing area is differs in wide spacious descents on a virgin soil, and on specially prepared slopes. Extent of each descent is various from 400 m to 3,5 km. The majority of lines are passing through coniferous wood. 

It is possible to go for a skiing on any heights. The highest point of driving is 3040 m. Difference of heights is 800 m, the minimum bias of 7 %, the maximum bias of 53 %. From panoramic top kinds on the nearest five thousand meters mountains and high-mountainous Issyk Kul lake opens. During winter time hillsides are served by five lifts rope-towing type with a stationary telescopic ski lift. Descent for sledge is equipped by the special lift. All lines are prepared by trucks “Рrinoth”.

In point of hire for you will individually pick up mountain-skiing equipment of firm “Rossignol”. And if you have raised for the first time on skis professional instructors will train you in the technique of skiing. And we recommend to you, at least time, to make fascinating walk with the instructor-conductor in fantastic winter wood where you receive weight of unforgettable impressions!

The complex for placing offers hotel accommodations and two cottages “Chalet”. In hotel of 12 numbers from them: 

– 6 double one-room; 

– 4 three person one-room.

Numbers are completed by furniture set necessary for your comfort and convenience, the TV. In each number there is toilet, a shower.

Cottage “Chalet” – is two-storeyed cosy small house where 8-10 persons can take places.

On the ground floor are located: a drawing room, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a toilet. On the second floor – three double isolated bedrooms. 

Having visited restaurant, you will appear in goodwill and calmness atmosphere, estimate offered dishes national and European cuisine. At will visitors can choose a complex food, according to the flavoring preferences.

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The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia